How to find the best toy for your dog

Toys are useful to the health of the dog. They help to ward boredom off, strengthen jaws, and prevent poor behavior problems. They also help clean the teeth of the dog. However, if you have the wrong toys for your dog, they can be dangerous.

Therefore, when you go shopping for the fido, try buying toys that are appropriate according to size. Bid dogs, for example, may eat after ripping apart toys meant for small pups, which can cause intestinal blockages and other health hazards. Older dogs or smaller ones could injure their teeth on hard toys intended for large dogs.

Run this test to see if the toys can get a dent with the help of the fingernail. If they do not give a little cut, they may lead to broken teeth, especially for small dogs. Many toys have labels for you to know the size of dog they are intended for. However, if you have questions, ask the dog trainer or vet.

Think about the purpose of the toy. Will you be using the toy to play with your dogs? Is the toy going to entertain the dog when you are away? Maybe it is a toy that will help calm down your dog.

Play With Me Toys

Select toys that allow you interact with the dog, perhaps giving you the allowance to play Frisbee or the gentle version of the tug of war; however, in cases where the dog is aggressive, skip the tug of war. These games will give your dog a great workout. Like people, dogs do not get as much exercise as required.

Keep Me Busy Toys

Look for sturdy toys that you can fill with treats. They may be the only ones the dog plays with trying to extract goodies. Versions that are softer are suitable for older dogs and your pups.

Do not forget checking labels to get the right versions for the pooch. Large dogs may chew through soft toys meant for small pups, which may be a waste of money or a hazard.

Calm Me Down Toys

You need to consider giving the dog a stuffed animal. Dogs like holding soft things in the mouths. Some dogs find it calming to chew toys like a rope knot or stuffed animal.

Forget purchasing a stuffed animal for your dog if the pooch is a search and destroy type when the insides begin coming out. Toys that are animal shaped without stuffing are good substitutes. Never give your Fido a shoe that is worn out to chew; the dog will not have the ability to differentiate between your new Burberry loafers and old slippers.

If your dog is aggressive, avoid toys that have squeakers that can easily get ripped and swallowed. Keep toys for kids that may get consumed by dogs out of reach. You may be forced to take your dog for operation when it eats a toy. Pet-proof the home and be on the lookout for hazards at their levels.